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I have created this E-book as a source of inspiration for anyone wanting to dive deeper into wildlife photography. There are lots of learning tools out there which focus on the technical aspects of photography but not as many that focus on the creative sides of photography, which I find vastly more important!

Why a whole E-book dedicated to wildlife portraits? I have chosen to focus on this subject because I consider every photo where the model is sitting still to be a portrait and these situations are what we mostly shoot while photographing wildlife.  Secondly, portrait photography isn’t as fleeting as action photography and therefore it is a great genre for learning and practicing your skills.

This E-book is made up of all of the techniques I use myself on a daily basis and I hope that you will find these simple tips and tricks useful in your own journey towards great wildlife photos.

How does the E-book work?

When you buy the E-book you will receive a download link for the E-book in PDF format. It will then be easy for you to download the E-book to your computer, tablet and phone.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Portraits: An insight into portraiture as a genre and how it plays together with wildlife photography.
  • Storytelling: How to tell meaningful stories through wildlife portraits.
  • Light: How to understand and use the natural light available around you.
  • Composition: How to compose an image for maximum impact on the storytelling.
  • Equipment: How equipment can be used to maximize your storytelling.
  • Bringing it all together: In this final chapter I comment on some of my very best photos and all that I though about in the process.

Language: English


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