Growing up on Lolland-Falster, I never considered my local area as something special. But when I went for a walk with my camera one day, I got a sense of what the area held when I saw a deer in the eyes upclose. It was the start of the adventure: ‘My Lolland-Falster’ and not least the start of the dream of the great  experiences in nature.


I’m lying completely still under the ghillia blanket. I’ve been lying there for a long time and it’s freezing cold. I can hear nothing but the whistling of the wind in the mare’s straw. I am on an expedition for one of Denmark’s rarest owls.


The car bumps over the dirt roads in northern Zimbabwe. While the driver is busy keeping it in the tracks, I scout out across the savannah for exotic animals that I can photograph. No matter where I travel in the world, my goal is always to try to photograph nature from its most beautiful angle. You can see that work in the gallery: world.



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