About me

About me

Foto: Karsten Meyer
Foto: Karsten Meyer

Naturephotographer Mads Hagen

My name is Mads Hagen and I am a professional nature photographer.

For me, photography is a tool for understanding the world around me. I have no official education in taking nature photos, but in return I have a great passion for understanding nature, all its different inhabitants and guests and not least to try to show how amazing nature is.

I try first and foremost in my pictures, to encapsulate the peace I myself find by being in nature. This is my recurring theme and my great inspiration. First of all, I find peace when I am very close to the animals and they neither see nor notice me. This means that I spend an enormous number of hours hiding and waiting for the exact split second where the experience must be immortalized in a picture.

I hope to be able to inspire others to get out and experience the nature around us all. Nature is found not only in nature programs from the distant regions of the globe, but right outside the door, whether it is in the world of the insect, the bird or the mammal.



I am an official ambassador of DOF Birdlife Danmark, and Naturbutikken, which are part of the global organisation BirdLife International. 

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Curriculum Vitae


  • NFD(naturephotographers of Denmark): 3rd place: Photographer of the year, 1st place: Vækster, 2nd place: Birds, 3rd place: Landscapes



  • Exhibition Ankestyrelsen: ‘My Lolland Falster’

  • Participating in TV2’s fundraising show for the Danish Nature Fund: ‘Danmark redder jord’

  • Released the photobook: ‘Mit Lolland-Falster’



Let me keep you updated about my adventures and latest news.