About me

About me

My name is Mads Hagen and I am a professional nature and wildlife photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I have worked professionally with nature and wildlife photography for the past three years and this incredible journey has taken me far and wide, from the deep jungles of Asia to the vast grasslands of Africa.

For me, the most important thing about wildlife photography is the experience and the adventure. It is an incredible feeling, to be in close proximity with “the wilderness”, whether it is in the form of a delicate butterfly in Denmark or a massive white rhino in Africa.

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My work

My work is all about photographing nature and communicating its importance to a broader audience. I find this aspect of communicating the importance of nature and the wildlife within it, especially exhilarating.

In recent years I have found great joy in teaching others to improve their nature and wildlife photography. I do this in workshops throughout europe as well as in the heart of Africa. If you are curious about these workshops and consider joining one, check out my workshop page.

Nature and wildlife photography is all about telling stories from the natural world around us. That is also why I find it especially exciting to share my adventures with all of you through my socials. I absolutely enjoy giving talks and presenting to a larger audience. If you feel like I would be a good fit for your organization or company, you can book me for a talk here.

A photo About Mads Hagens Work


Photography is a great tool for understanding the world around us. I have no official education in taking nature photos, but I have a great passion for the natural world and a deep desire to better understand and take care of it. This passion is my drive to go out and try and photograph nature and wildlife with my camera time and time again. 

I try first and foremost to encapsulate the peace and calm  I find by being out under the open sky. For me, nature is the perfect place to put things into perspective and find a sense of inner calm. This calm that nature can bring is my defining recurring theme in my work as a photographer and my greatest inspiration. 

I hope that my photography can help improve our relationship with nature and I hope that my photos can inspire people to go out and experience all that nature has to offer.



How long have you worked as a photographer?

I have worked professionally with nature and wildlife photography for the past three years. This incredible journey has taken me far and wide, from the deep jungles of Asia to the vast grasslands of Africa.

How did you get started?

My journey started with the iconic Planet Earth TV series by the BBC. I watched it and was simply blown away by it. I thought to myself that the crew behind the production must have had some incredible experiences going to the abundant wilderness of Africa, the desolate Poles, and the vast jungles of Borneo. It totally seemed like an adventure to me and I just couldn’t resist but to try and follow that dream for myself.

I started out photographing the local nature of Southern Denmark where I was raised. I soon found out that my local area had much more to showcase than at first glance. I was able to photograph kingfishers, badgers, and rare butterflies all really close to my home. I was blown away by the sense of diversity and calm that nature has to offer.

I have since expanded my work as a photographer and now I work as a trip leader throughout the world. I host photography workshops in Denmark, Finland, Kenya, and Zimbabwe in collaboration with my good friend and colleague Ole Ekelund. Would you like to join us on an adventure? Find out much more about these trips by clicking here.

What PHOTOGRAPHY gear do you use?

I shoot Nikon and my current main go-to setup is the Nikon Z9 and the Nikon 800mm f/6.3. I have found this combination to be working especially well with birds and smaller wildlife.

Behind every successful photographer stands a team of professional minds that can help expanding ideas. I am therefore a proud ambassador of Focus Nordic which is a leading distributor of photography equipment throughout Europe. 

WHat is your best tip for other photographers?

My best tip is to be curious about your local area. Especially as a beginner, it is easy to think that your best photos might be of polar bears or Siberian tigers. But being good at photographing local, common wildlife is an extremely valuable skill.  Get out and practice as much as you can.

If you want to pick up a few of my tips and tricks about wildlife photography, I have gathered them in my easy-to-read E-book: “Wildlife Photography, A guide to wildlife portraits.” It is available from my webshop as a PDF download.

Do you sell your photos as prints?

Yes, I do!

At my online webshop you can find my photos as prints. I sell my photos both as posters as well as as limited edition luxurious fine art prints. I work together with some of the best print labs in the world to ensure quality. I am also very proud to say that I ship my prints worldwide.

You can check out my webshop below.



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